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Live Wildlife Educational Programs for Groups

Who? Scouts, Community organizations, Senior Citizens, Schools (including Home schools and Cyber Schools), Libraries, Environmental Education Centers, State/National Parks, tourism destinations and more may contract for our engaging and informational presentations.

What? We present audience-appropriate engaging and educational presentations sharing live wildlife ambassadors which represent animals native to the Northeast. Reptiles, birds, including owls, hawks and falcons, and mammals are represented.

Where? We come to YOU! Small group tours/presentations are available on-site as well by appointment.

Details: Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center is licensed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Dept of Agriculture, PA Game and Fish and Boat Commissions to provide educational presentations and we possess liability insurance (certificate available upon request). Presentations are themed, but are tailored to the age and interests of the audience. 

The Presenters:
The Director of Educational Programming, Katherine Uhler, holds her PA Certification as an Environmental Educator and is licensed by the PADE to teach Biology and Environmental Education. She has more than 35 years of experience designing and presenting educational programs for people of all ages and backgrounds. She holds an MS in Wildlife Biology and has been named Conservation Educator of the Year in both Monroe County and for the Commonwealth of PA. Kathy feels that sharing her love of wildlife with people allows them to appreciate and advocate for our natural resources.

Executive Director Susan Downing started her journey with wildlife through Capture and Transport, rescuing animals getting them the care they needed. She grew up on a farm. She is an animal intuitive and Reiki Master/Teacher. One of her missions in life is to create a symbiotic relationship between humans and wildlife through awareness and education. Susan is a licensed PA Wildlife Rehabilitator and has her education permit.

Troy Schoeneberger is a high school teacher who brings his own style and abilities to the programming team.

Eric Uhler, Katherine’s husband, is a consummate handler and infuses humor and compassion into presentations.

Our Education Ambassadors: We have a diverse group of wildlife ambassadors and provide the highest quality engaging and educational presentations available anywhere. Please visit our Ambassadors page for individual animal information.

The Presentations:
Children’s presentations utilize a variety of animals and utilize age- appropriate information and vocabulary. Topics can be simple, using a storybook and a live animal representative of the story, or themed presentations about subjects such as “Amazing Animal Adaptations”, “Predators and Prey”, “Beautiful Birds”, “Cold-blooded and Cool!”

Adult presentations can have similar themes but the content is deeper, humor infused, and more time is provided for questions and conversations.

Workshops/formal presentations are available on a variety of topics. Generally, a PowerPoint presentation or video coupled with live wildlife ambassadors and props to illustrate information accompanies. Examples: Owls of PA (or NJ/NY), Canids of the Northeast (foxes and coyotes), Porcupines, a Prickly Subject.

Ms. Uhler also is available to provide workshops at wildlife conferences on a variety of topics.

Costs: Wildlife presentations range from 45 minutes (K-2) to an hour and a half (older children and adults). The number and species of live wildlife ambassadors depends on the program selected but does not affect the cost. Prices are based on time and mileage. There are discounts for multiple programs (per day, as in a school, or by contract, as in a tourist destination contracting weekly or monthly presentations). Please keep in mind that funds derived from these education programs is utilized in maintaining high-quality lives for our ambassadors, licensing by multiple government agencies, insurance and transportation. Please contact us for prices and availability.

Wildlife EDU is a section of Red Creek Wildlife Center, Inc. fulfilling our mission of helping further wildlife rehabilitation by educating those who are active in this field.

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