Freezing Temperatures impacts local wildlife center

by | Dec 22, 2022

Below-freezing temperatures over the weekend knocked out power for three days at Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center.

STROUD TOWNSHIP, PA — An injured red-tailed hawk is among dozens of animals being cared for here at Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center near Stroudsburg. 

But below-freezing temperatures over the weekend made it difficult for volunteers to do just that.

Co-Director Janine Tancredi says the center lost power for three days. 

“Their food bowls freeze. The heat pads that are underneath are all run off that generator, so when that goes down. All of the flight pens are without water. Their food gets frozen solid. The heat sources that are on the walls also go down, so they have no access to heat whatsoever. Nor water, nor food,” said Tancredi. 

Looking for help, Tancredi used the center’s Facebook page to ask to borrow a couple of generators, and the community answered the call. 

Dozens of people offered their generators. Others bought brand-new ones for the center, but that’s not all. 

“We got an angel donor that came and gave us for the mouse house and the barn to be able to have a generator come in, and they’re going to do the electrical to upgrade it to be able to support this part of the rehab. That was a $35,000 donation, and that was amazing,” said Susan Downing, one of the other Co-directors of the center. 

Losing power at the center is nothing new for those who run it. That’s why they’re asking for your help for a more permanent fix.

“We really don’t have a choice but to put the money out in our to accommodate what’s happening right then and there. We have baby season coming up, which is incredibly expensive with formulas and preparation for the baby season so it’s extremely important that we have the community support in order to rectify situations as they happen,” Tancredi said. 

The entire property needs an electrical upgrade and new generators. 

If you want to donate to Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center, click here. 

You can also purchase items off their Amazon wishlist.

Author: Amanda Eustice (WNEP)

Published: 4:15 PM EST December 27, 2022

Updated: 4:15 PM EST December 27, 2022

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