One-footed eagle recovering at wildlife center in the Poconos

by | Jun 13, 2023

MONROE COUNTY, Pa. — It’s not every day the Wilderz at Pocono Wildlife (formerly Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center) near Stroudsburg takes in a golden eagle, let alone one with a missing foot.

“When we first looked at the foot, I was almost in disbelief that something could have healed that well—no infection, no necrosis. It completely healed over,” said Janine Tancredi, the center’s executive director.

The bird is recovering at the center after being found on someone’s property near Dushore in Sullivan County.

Tancredi says after taking the bird to the vet, it was determined the foot has been missing for eight months to a year. But despite that, the adult bird is doing well.

“The way the bone healed, it doesn’t show any signs of him being in pain. They palpated it. We took x-rays here. They re-ran x-rays there, at Dublin Veterinary Hospital, with Dr. Adrienne Breaux, and no wing injuries whatsoever. No head trauma, so I think it was just a little bit of desperation as far as scavenging for food. I think that’s also why his talons are worn down.”

The goal for any animal that comes into the center is to rehabilitate them and eventually release them. But it’s still unclear what will happen to the eagle.

“He’s definitely thriving at this point. He’s eating on his own. He hand-feeds and eats on his own. We have not live-prey tested him yet. He’s only been here a couple of days. He still is a little bit weak. I think it’s from being grounded, so we’re hoping to build his strength back up and then move forward from there.”

The center is taking the bird to a specialist at the University of Pennsylvania for further examination, but to do that, they need the community’s help.

“Specialists cost, and they’re not usually on board with discounts, let alone free. The University of Penn, it’s going to end up costing, and it’s worth it because this is a very rare case.”

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Thank you again Dublin Veterinary Hospital for your amazing dedication on a last minute request and Dr. Breaux for ALWAYS being beyond generous with your time and hospitality. You are so valued ❤️Posted by Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center on Monday, June 12, 2023

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